"Their debut album, “Broken People,” merges soul and country on a shared foundation of gospel and blues. The women harmonize and take turns pushing one another as they sing about trouble and hope, love and compassion — both personal and public-spirited — as the songs build up until they all but demand singalongs."....More

The wall street journal

"Wilson has collaborated with Legend over the years both in the studio and on tours, so it was a natural fit to have him perform with them. She says the song’s positive message aligned with Legend’s activism, so it felt like a perfect match."...More. WSJ Referring to Muddy Magnolias collaboration with John Legend on 'Leave It To The Sky'. 

Rolling Stone

"With North's porch-side Mississippi roots and Wilson's asphalt Brooklyn breeding, they bring a sound that melds city grit and Delta dirt, exploding onstage not like two lead singers but more like parts of the same whole"...More
"In the tough-minded title track from their upcoming LP, Broken People, they eloquently express the jagged nature of walking through life feeling lost and disconnected, harnessing a vibe that's reminiscent of the Staple Singers and other socially conscious acts of that genre-blending era."...More

NPR Music

"Most important, though, is that central visual of Wilson and North standing face to face, singing into each other's hearts the way believers always do. It's stirring, and it's absolutely needed right now. As is the whole mission of Muddy Magnolias: to encourage harmony by making glorious music in its name."...More


"Take a break from the synths and 808s that blare out of your headphones and get into the Muddy Magnolias. When Jessy Wilson and Kallie North get together, they create a sound that’s honeyed and deep; it’s funky, it’s tender, it has rhythm, and it has the blues. After just one song, the Muddy Magnolias will make one believe in the whole music is for the soul thing."... More


"A country, soul, and R&B cocktail that's heavy on harmony and candid, occasionally gritty lyrics that have a firm feminist bent. Kallie North and Jessy Wilson's country, soul, R&B cocktail is reinventing the "American Woman."... More


"In a rapid gear shift, Nashville R&B sextet Muddy Magnolias suddenly turned the Den into a country soul revue. Led by dual vocalists Jessy Wilson and Kallie North, rounded out by a backing band that sounds like a cross between Widespread Panic and the Dap-Kings, Muddy Magnolias are a funky hybrid of traditional soul and countrified rock."... More

Fuse TV

"Lollapalooza 2016: Watch Muddy Magnolias Make The North & South Meet Through Peace, Love, and Soul. Plus, they’ve got an Oscar- and Grammy- winning surprise guest on their upcoming album."... More


"They capture the everyday experience of the 21st century woman by blending a variety of musical influences for a bluesy, soulful and sexy vibe."... More

Broken People

by Muddy Magnolias

The debut album "Broken People," featuring “Brother, What Happened?" & "Broken People," is available NOW!







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Brother, What Happened? 


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